Technical information

How does it work?

1) First select on the left pages of the catalogue the shape of the head of your bulb atomizer. (The heads Nos. 01 – 50 are suitable for any classical not leak-proof bulb atomizer; the heads Nos. 96, 97 and 98 are suitable for leakproof atomizers with  on <-> off mechanism).

2) Then select on the right pages of the catalogue your shape(s) of the atomizer bulb.

3) Send us your inquiry by means of the contact form and specify the selected shape(s) of the atomizer head and bulb and indicate the neck finish of your bottle. (If you are not sure, please send us either a technical drawing of your bottle or send us a sample of your bottle to our company address: René Karla Innovations GesmbH. Address : Posthorngasse 1/6, 1030 Vienna – AUSTRIA).

Please also indicate the estimated quantities.

4) You will promptly receive a detailed offer.